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Posted on May 27, 2015

The man with a dedicated mission to serve - Ambassador Okechukwu Nwadiuto Emuchay MFR

Ambassador Okechuckwu (Okey) Nwadiuto Emuchay, MFR is a servant leader who lives positive change. The Emuchay family legacy started 1961 with his father, Sir Dr Dick W Emuchay, MFR.  As pioneer in medicine and healthcare he built a 180 bed hospital with the best healthcare possible at the time for his village and surrounding locale, this culminated in the Cottage Hospital Azumini. Okey Emuchay MFR has that same pioneering spirit as his father. Both father and son were conferred with the same National Honour of Member of Federal Republic, MFR. With this pioneering spirit, he now aims to unlock potential by taking Abia State to the next level through the introduction of new technologies, processes and systems. His passion to serve and bring good governance to his people, stems from his heritage and international career and exposure. He is a technocrat with a humane spirit. He is seeking an opportunity to offer himself to his people and his place of birth and schooling, Abia State. He acknowledges that taking Abia state to the next level cannot be done by him alone, its a team effort. That it is best achieved as a team, a collective, comprising the investors and expertise he will bring from his International background, to the men, women and youths, the leaders of thought and the captains of industry who make up Abia state. Who know best what is needed to lift Abia state to greater heights and indeed the next level of development and growth.

Being used to a public life he understands the challenges of a fame podium but most of all the responsibilities that comes with it. Balancing a family life, looking his daughter in the eye, confirming that the difference he made that day will not only bring positive change for the moment but also to her future and the future of her children to come. He looks forward to contribute from where the present administration leaves off, by building on milestones already in existence and adding more for the future generations.

Known for entrepreneurship, to Aba as city and face of Abia State, industrialisation and modernisation are key to unlock its potential as commercial nerve center of South-East Nigeria and indeed to the nation. Okey Emuchay intends to create a platform that caters for a dynamic, environment where private sector can thrive to attract investors in order to ultimately increase the internally generated revenue base of Abia State. His strategic intent is the execution of his own blueprint development models for urban and rural development inclusive of focused sector development for key areas such as education, health, agriculture, resource management, tourism and energy to name a few. These are some of the critical sectors that have the potential to create wealth for all Abians.

Ambassador Okechukwu Nwadiuto Emuchay MFR

According to Okey Emuchay, a paradigm shift must be taken together in order for Abia to evolve to the next level and be less dependent on allocation from Abuja. The necessary platforms and tools need to be developed to engage the youth, women and the unemployed are available. This in process increases the revenue base of Government in order to focus on the social sector and provide necessary services and amenities. Okey Emuchay aims to extend the frontiers of governance in order to invite private sector to come in. From experience gained, he knows it is only then that you will see industries rising and live positive change together. Tourism for example should not be underestimated as it brings forth real revenue as well as public relations value by engaging a lot of people for economical mobillisation.

Another underestimated industry which always seems hazardous is waste. He plans on applying a zero waste tolerance policy and rather have waste managed for economic gain by all in a zonal / regional grid. Waste in actual fact is now seen in many countries as wealth. Okey Emuchay has experienced how businesses have been established around waste. Waste is also a constant commodity as we as humans keep on generating it daily and one of the main revenues and thriving economies of scale in the waste industry is the generation of power. All that is needed is the balancing act between the participation of citizens, Government governing and private sector growing the economy. The challenge is to introduce the right technology, employ the necessary transfer of skills to the people of Abia State as well as to maintain and build it in such a way that it is responsible to our environment and sustainable for generations to come.

ooking beyond Aba and Umuhia, are all communities and towns are growing, all of them need the same solutions and attention. According to Okey Emuchay, the surprising growth in Abia’s population should have more areas designated as urban and supported with the necessary infrastructure to assist in it’s growth and development. The pace of infrastructure provision and development have not being able to meet the challenge of an increasing population which in turn puts pressure on current infrastructure, the maintenance thereof as well as the crime factor. Okey Emuchay intends to cater for all citizens of Abia irrespective of party or cultural affiliations whilst governing them to abide by the law and fulfill all promises he makesto applications of policies created by the people of Abia for the people of Abia State. This is his character and pledge to Abians.

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